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I’m just a 14 year old white girl I’m not a terrorist

hope they got Starbucks in Maximum Security



*loud laughter from The FBI in the background*

FBI: “Hey guys! Check this white chick out, she thinks she blocked us!”

Wtf !

haha yeah if a brown 14 year old kid did that, we all know what would happen smh

Smh. Next time a white person calls me racist.

This girl needs a tight slap and some solid parenting

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I want to live in these blessed hills already…amongst the most honorable people. When can I move forever?

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A Jewish settler woman and child walk near a banner reading “Palestine never existed! (and never will)” on Shuhada Street in the West Bank city of Hebron, 7 March. Israel severely restricted Palestinian access to Shuhada Street, previously the main commercial center of Hebron, following a 1994 massacre perpetrated by a settler in the city’s Ibrahimi Mosque.
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— in Palestine.

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Quest for OthernessFrédéric Brenner's Israel

Well this is some bullshit

artsy settler colonialism

You see how they beautify their side of the Aparthied wall so they can continue living in their little Jewish supremacist bubble this is so fucking disgusting

"otherness" ISRAELI COLONIZERS CALLING THEMSELVES THE OTHER, does that make any fujking sense? i’m fucking livid 

what the FUCJ

Did y’all catch the subtle pinkwashing? How could anyone possibly not see any beauty in the queer Israeli settler-colonial Other?

I want to drag the photographer through those cactuses tbhhh

I’m not going to lie I thought this was Europe for one sec (although the landscape did look like Palestine but the architecture threw me off)

but yah this is some bs photoset



African Palestinian: Ali Jiddah (2004)

one of my dreams is to visit this man and the Afro-Palestinian Quarter in Jerusalem.


Jerusalem-The Old City by Pennina Neumann


After hours of discussion and debate, the Central Student Government reversed the indefinite postponement of the controversial divestment resolution and subsequently voted to not pass it in a 25-9 vote with five abstentions early Wednesday morning. Hundreds of individuals gathered to watch the meeting in the Rogel Ballroom in the Michigan Union while hundreds more followed along online through a live-stream. (All images are subject to copyright)


National dress and the traditional costume of the Arab countries.


A Palestinian Bedouin girl sits next the rubble of tents and sheds destroyed by the Israeli army near the West Bank town of Tubas in the Jordan valley, Tuesday, April 1, 2014. Palestinian security sources said the Israeli army destroyed more than 20 tents and sheds which the army says were illegally built in the military training zone.


 On February 25 1994, a US-born Israeli military physician walked into the Ibrahimi mosque in Hebron armed with a Galil assault rifle. It was early morning during the holy month of Ramadan, and hundreds of Palestinians were crammed inside, bowed in prayer.

Baruch Goldstein, who had emigrated to Israel in 1983, lived in the Kiryat Arba settlement on the outskirts of the city. As worshippers kneeled, Goldstein opened fire. He reloaded at least once, continuing his barrage for as long as possible before finally being overpowered and eventually beaten to death. By the time he was stopped, 29 worshippers were killed, and more than a hundred had been injured.

The Israeli government immediately released a statement condemning the act and stating that Goldstein acted alone and was psychologically disturbed.

Twenty years later, Palestinians are carrying out memorial events and Hebron’s settlers are preparing celebratory pilgrimages to Goldstein’s shrine inside Kiryat Arba.

see the rest of this photo essay on the ibrahimi mosque massacre here.